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Lopez has a remarkable opportunity.  Together, we can build a pool where all ages can learn to swim, enjoy exercise, and improve their health.  The result will be confidence and water safety for present and future generations and a stronger, more vital island community.

By its very geography, Lopez Island is defined by the water that surrounds it.  While beautiful and integral to our way of life, the water is also deep, often quite rough and always very cold. It is not a place to learn to swim, and for all but the most hardy, it is not a place to swim at all. Surveys show that well in excess of 50% of children on Lopez Island do not know how to swim. We should not wait for a tragedy to teach them. ALL of the senior citizens (54% of the county population) and those recuperating from injuries on Lopez must make expensive, lengthy ferry trips to the mainland to undertake water therapy. Opportunities for pain-free exercise for the elderly and the injured are currently non-existent.  A community pool would increase physical and mental health for seniors; two of the most important factors cited for successful aging!  Lopez needs a pool to serve its people, young and old, fit and aging, resident and visitor, swimmer and non-swimmer.  FLIP will continue working through its strategic plan to construct a fully accessible community pool that will serve the safety, fitness, health and recreational needs of islanders and visitors of all ages, incomes and abilities. The goal of the current phase of our capital campaign seeks $3.2 million in gifts, grants and pledges to break ground.

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Key Milestones

  • 2018:  OPENING DAY July 4th!
  • 2017:
    • Hire a Project Manager
    • Continued SJC Permitting and Continued Site Preparation
    • Continue Capital Campaign
    • Contract with building and pool contractors
  • 2016:
    • Site design, Land division, Power installation, Preliminary road.
    • Contract with Site Development contractor
    • July 4:  Capital Campaign-Construction Fundraising Begins!
    • Engage public in salons (small gatherings)
  • 2015:
  • 2014:
    • Drilled well suitable for Class A water system
  • 2011:
    • USA Swimming Association “Build-A-Pool” Conference (project strategy and feasibility verification)
  • 2010:
    • Established Legacy Gift Program for future pool operations
    • Survey conducted regarding how many children know how to swim
    • Community meeting
  • 2009:
    • Federal tax exempt status as 501C3
    • 2.5 acres of land acquired on Center Rd.
    • SJC Change in Land Use Classification approved
    • Hired Heery International and Aquatics Design Group (feasibility study, cost analysis and facility design)