We have a growing list of supporters. Many people have volunteered their time and efforts to help us!

Some of those who support us are:

Jane Albrecht
Karen and Gary Alexander
Jana Allen
Jeanne Allen and Marc Grant
Chris and Krista Anderson
Andrew Evers
Suzanne Arnhart
June and Joe Arnold
Jacquelyn Ashe
David Asmusse
Carol* and Jon Avent
Brad Badley
Connie and Fritz Baesman
Susan Barkshire
Bosco Bailey
Alisa Ball
Shannon Barnes
George Barroud
Janet Barta
Joanne Barton
Linda Barton
Kelly Baughman
Miles Baughman
Larry and Rhonda Berg
Terra Behan and Brian Kotzian
Gayl and Sam Beller
Bill Bennett
Julia Bent
Faith Bentley
Gary Bergren
Robin and Michael Bergstrom
Claire Bertenshaw
Kristen and Nelson Betty
Margaret Bill
Nancy Bingham
Margaret and James H. Birkemeier
Byron and Sheila Bishop
Gayle and Bill Blair
Colleen Bleifuss
Edith Blomberg
Blossom Grocery
Margaret and Mark Blume
Nathan and Melissa Borg
Curt Bonelli
John Bostick
Linda Bowden
Holly Bower and Andre Hirss
Scott Bowler
Sarah and Jim Brady
Linda Brainerd
Karen and Glen Braun
Lisa Braun
Lyle L. Britt
Pam Brown
Alice Brownstein and John Gerarden
Sherry Brummel and Jim Ghiglione
Franja Bryant
Tamara Buchanan
W. C. and I. L. Budke
Sue and Jerry Buettner
Diane and Michael Bumstead
John Bundy
Deborah Bundy
Traci Burgler and Michael Behlke
Donnie and LeAnne Burt
Nancy and John Butte
Christa Campbell and Paul Henriksen
Kathleen Carlson
Tanya and Joe Carney
Joanne and Thomas Carrato
William Carson
Kenneth Cederstrand
Theresa and Paul Chemnick
Doug Chikawa
Carol Churchill
Bruce Clark
Carol Clark
Marty Clark
Bill Clemens
Joan Cline
Bill and Judy Clinton
Arlen Coiley
Allison Collins
Carolyn and Thomas Collins
Deborah Collins
Tracy Collins
Dick and Janice Coltran
Kathy Cook
Vaughn Cook
Jaime Cordova
Vicki Corliss
Tracy Cottingham
Tammy and Tom Cowan
R. and E. Cox
Cozy Cabin On Lopez
Maria and Thomas Crawford
Sue Crockett
Janet Crossen
Manuela Crowley
Susan Cunningham
Betsy Currie
Debra Dahlen and Bob Fries
Terra Daily
Birsen Davis
Mary Ellen De La Pena
Diane Dear and Todd Goldsmith
Charles DeBruler
Larry DeGroen
Maryellen DeLaPena
Jeremy DeLeon
Jennifer Devore
Roberta Devore
Emily Dexter
Gretchen Dill
Cynthia Dilling
Sam Dixon
Catherine Doherty
Colin Doherty
Denise Doyle-McDougall and Stewart McDougall
Patty Dube
Brian and Julie Duncan
Jonathan and Andrea Dupuis
Debbie Dwyer
Aaron Dye
Edenwild Inn
Thelma and Jim Eggleston
Chris and Rita Elliott
Andre Entermann
Kathie Epidendio-Jacobs and Kurt Jacobs
Sarah and Larry Eppenbach
Lorie Erickson
Constance Euede
C. L. Euerle
Ellin and Bill Evans
Birte and Jim Falconer
Nancy and Francis Fay
Amy Fenstemacher
Susan and Paul Ferguson
Steve and Cindi Fessller
Sylvia and Fred Fickenwirth
Marilyn and Richard Fike
Ande and Scott Finley
Christina Finneran
Tina Finneran
Nancy and John Fite
Karen Fleming
Ida Forsythe
Hal Foster*
Bullitt Foundation
Rochelle and Ron Fowler
Kira Franklin
Angus Fraser
Tammy and Aaron Friend
Stephanie and Tom Froning
George Fuller
Barbara Fulton
Vanessa Gallegos
Galley Restaurant
Karin and Pete Gandini
Cindy Garber
John and Martha Garcia
Nina Garltland
Joe Gasperowich and Susie Murphy
Marny Gaylord
Randy Gaylord
Carla Gerring
Laura Gibbons and Michael Budnick
Tex Gieling
Brandy Giles
Ginny Gilder
Judith Gille
Linda Ginsberg
Larry Gippenbach
Jack and Joan Giard
Ellyn Goodrich
Gavin Goodrich
Jimmy Gouge
Chris Govern
Johann Graham
Wendell Grainerd
Barbara Grant and Maureen MacCarthy
Iris Graville
Jodi Green and Michael Halperin
Stacy Green
Carol Gregory
Spud and Karen Grimes
Amy Gross
Michele Gruenwald
Randy Gruenwald
Cindy Guenther
Patricia and Sheldon Haber
Jesse Hall
Lynn Hall
Patricia and Isaac Halpern
Elizabeth Halsey
Laura Halter
Becca Hamilton
Diana Hancock
Sheila Harbor
Greg Harinstock
Kitty Harmen
Nancy Harris
Kerry Hartten
Donna Hasbrouck
Joan and Irving Hawley
Aspen Hayes
Tom and Lori Hayes
Kate Hayner and David Kirk
Carol Haynes
Jeff and Ruth Hein
Jacob and Elissa Heller
Michele and Steve Heller
Paul Henriksen
Kim and Mark Herrenkohl
Mitch and Susan Herrera
Thom Higgins
Ingrid Hildenbrand
Steve and Judy Hill
Cathy Hilpert
Cynthia Hodsdon and Timothy Miller
Meghan Hoffman
Shannon Hoffman
Leanne Hofford and Harry Buzz Hofford III
Kathy Holliday
Melissa Holmes
Daren Holscher
Connie and Chuck Holtz
Connie Holz
Lori and Scott Honeywell
Melanie Honeywell
Scott Honeywell
Julie Hopper
Horse Drawn Farms
Annie Houston
K.D. Hoyer
Margaret and Robert Hubbard
Nancy Huber and Monica Artz
Linda and David Hudson
Elizabeth Hughes
Ginea Humberstone
Cynthia Hunhoff
Adele and Frank Inslee
Isabel’s Espresso
Island Bicycles
Julie Iverson
Diane and Erik Jackson
Bob Jacobson
Carol Jacobson
Cynthia and David Jaeger
Wayne Jensen
David Jessup
Becky Johnson
Betsy Johnson
Elisabeth and Bryan Johnson
Jan Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson
Maryland and Donald Johnson
Gordan Jonasson
Helena and Christopher Jones
Maureen Jones
Kate Keating
Kay Keck
Kay and George Keeler
Ginni Keith
Barbara Keller and Michael Colyar
Nancy and Jim Kenagy
Holly and Tim Kent
Christine Kerlin
Lynda and Peter Kinkade
Linda Koenig
Alexis and Ronald Koester
Catalina Kohring
Emily Kohring
Molly Kohring
Debbie Kosman
Kim Kramer
Katherine and William Kreager
Pat Kuentzel
Paul Kulits
Maggie Kursella
Connie and James KyserDerick Lack
Debra and Steven Lacy
Nancy Lamoureux
Donald Langlois
Linda and Tom Lantos
Laurie and Kit Latta
Judy Laws and Bob Rogers
Stepper LeBortiller
Stepper Leboutillier
Linda Lee and Timothy Gleeson
Val Legter
Chris Lehman
Asha Lela
Jean Lenihan and Dan Posel
Shanley and Jim Lett
Bill Lewis
Karly Leyde
Marget Livak
Fiona and Stephen Lloyd-Moffett
Tracey and Richard Locke
Sam Lockwood
Trevor Logan
Lon D. Barton and Lucille Barton Charitable Foundation
Marilyn Luckman
Gale and Jay Lynch
Mary Lynn and Ted Whitley
Joyce and Tom Lyster
Maya MacKinnon
Deanna Magley
Krista Mann and Stephanie Dallas
Elizabeth Mansolo
Shari and Dick Mariotti
Celia Marquis
Ruth and Gerald Martin
Cecy Martinez
Lynne Masland
Pamela McCabe
Ann McCrea
Karen McDonald
Susie McDonald
Noel McKeehan
Lanie McMullen
Rob McNeil
Margaret and Robert Jr. Mechaley
George Meilak
Marilyn and Romeo Mendoza
Stephanie Merkens
Marcia Messenger
Ron Metcalf
Judy Meyer and Gene Helfman
Michael Meyer
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Candy and Monte Midkiff
Noel Miller
Tracy and Brian Miller
John Montgomery
Erica Moon and Nathaniel Burgess
Barry Moore
Lynda and Robert Moore
Patt Moore and Allan Dibona
Margaret Morency
Barbara and Mike Morey
Amy Morris-Young
Lisa Motherwell
Brenda and David Mowers
Susan and Michael Muckle
Ron Multanen
Christina Murphy
Lori Murphy
Molly Murray
Phyllis and Ralph Nansen
Arlene and Gilbert Nash
Peter Neal
Alex Nellie
Elizabeth Nelson
Fred Nelson
Kelli Nopson
Grace Nordhoff
Kirstie and David Noreen
Linda Noreen
Ann Duecy Norman
Juli and Mike North
Robert Nou
Rita O’Boyle
Tina O’Brian
Carol and Charles Oberg
Darla Obrian
Mary Odle
Corky and San Olson
Kiyo Oya
Ben Packard
Sam Packard
Tammy and Thomas Pal
Virginia Palmer
Bob Parrish
Terri Paswaters
Catherine and William Patterson
John Pearson
David Perry
Mary E. Peters
Ashley Peterson
Bruce Peterson
Janice and Michael Peterson
Camellia Phillips
Daydre and Christopher Phillips
Pam and Jim Phillips
Marguerite Pierce
Megan and John Pigott
Maryann and James Plane
Kay Plantin
Mo Pomietto and Scott Pinegar
Meg Porter and Rolf Kolden
Dan Post
Ann Potts
Scott Powell
Penelope and Nick Power
Lou and John Pray
Molly Preston
Leslie Quenell
Sarah Rabel
Daniel Ray
Randy Reeves
Kristin Rehder
Eduardo Rendon
Louise and Thomas Richards
Mike Richmond
Janet and Fred Riedman
Chris Riggins
Thomas Riley
Damian Rinaldi
Elizabeth Roberts
Guy Roberts
Meg Roberts
Roaxnn and Duane Robinson
Susan Robinson
Margie Roe
Karen Rogers and John Ryan
Nancy Rogers
Meg Roland and Jerome Chicvara
Robin Murphey Ross
Robin Ross-Quetin and Langdon Quetin
David Rothenberg
Sue Roundy
Scott Rounson
Natalie Roush
Tommer Roush
Dave Rucker
Keldon Rush
Amy Rust
Micki Ryan
Babette and Xylon Saltzman
Susan and Ted Sanchez
Parker Satir
Denise and Richard Schaefer
Linda and Kent Schaefer
Tammy Schible
Thea Schifter
Amy Schmidt and Kreg Trani
Sue and David Schmitt
Dan Schober
Mary and Richard Schoenman
Jordan Marsh Schultz
Kate Scott
Mary Jo and George Selg
Lisa Seppi
Diane Shaevitz
Rev Shannon
Martha Sharon
Caroline Shelton
Carolyn and Clark Sherwood
Ronald Shively
Berry and Samual Shoen
John Silvester
Carolyn Simpson
Meg and Richard Singer
David Smith
Melody Smith
Sarah and Steven Snowden
Ed Sober
John Sorenson
Michelle Sosin
John Sourbeer
South End General Store
Linda Southwell
Amy Spangler and Richard O’Connell
Bridie and Robert Spreine
Lydia and George Sprinkle
Suzanne Spunar
Ellen Squillace
Jamie Stephens
Marcia and Douglas Stevenson
Don Stone
Jennifer Straughan
Suzanne and Michael Strom
Julian Stryker and Carolyn Hares-Stryker
Stephen Sullivan
Lorri and Brian Swanson
Sharon Sylvester-Smith and Richard Smith
May and Jack Tate
Doris and Clayton Taylor
Inda Taylor
Kirman Taylor
Lexi Taylor
Lori and Duane Taylor
Anna Telles and William Swan
Carole Terry and Alan Fine
The 1009 Alder Street Trust
Kathryn Thomas and Kenneth Akopiantz
Leanne Thomas
Jan Thorslund and Timothy O’Coyne
Corinne Thwing
Pamela Tonglao
Tim Torkington
Pat Torpie
Barbara and Donald Trautman
Michelle Trautman
Laura Tuttle
Todd and Kristen Twigg
Pam and Tim Ultican
Diane Underberg
Tom Valentine
Julie and Rip Van Camp
Pamela Van Vleet
Joan Van Weir
Ann Vandor
Vanguard Charitable Trust
Faith Varga
Bette and John Vaudt
Berta Vaughn
Rob Velo and Ali Nicol
Georgeanne and Leonard Volland
Linda Vorobik
Jo Wade
Raiti Waerness
Audrey Wakefield
Nancy Wallace and Richard Youde
Deborah Waller
Marlys and Lynn Waller
Jacob Wallis
Joanne Walters
Carol and Brooks Walton
Patricia Ward
Patty and Frank Ware
Sara Waugh
Susan and John Waugh
Terry Wean
Robert Weinshilboum
Judy Welker
Britney and Shawn Westervelt
Michelle Whetten
Anne Whirledge-Karp and Michael Karp
Jeanette Whiting and John Ashbaugh
Judy Whitney
Janna Wicks
Coenraad Willemsen
Lenny Williams
Lisa Williams
Marcia and Bruce Williams
Matt and Kyle Willis
Colleen Willoughby
Jim Winninghof
Mary Wondra
Randy Woulton
Fores Wynen
Amy Wynn
Melissa Yeager and Cory Van Arsdale
Beverly Zaplac
Albert Zeman


To find out more about how YOU can help support us, please contact one of the committee members (Contacts).