Lopez Will Swim!

Our seniors, our schoolkids, our babies, our pregnant mothers, our athletes, our injured, our EMTs, our high-schoolers, and our disabled.  We ALL need to swim.  We can Fill the Pool and Swim with your help:


PHASE 1:  To swim in the lap pool and use the warm-water therapy pool during summer only –  $3.2 million. 

PHASE 2:  To enclose both pools, making them accessible year-round – an additional $1.2 million.


Beginning with a $500,000 Challenge Gift from Vanguard Charitable (Schmidt-Barton Family Fund), all donations received since the launch of the Capital Campaign on July 4, 2016 have been applied to meet this challenge.  Additionally, FLIP has received a state government Youth Recreational Facilities grant award. So far, we have raised 20% of the funds needed for the project.  Your board continues to apply for grant funding and to seek government assistance to open this public swimming pool in our rural community for the benefit of all county residents and visitors.


We need leadership gifts (five and six figure pledges) to make an immediate difference, and we need our broad base of annual supporters to continue to support the Capital Campaign for the next three years.  Many have already pledged from $1000 to $25,000 in multiple payments over time to help reach our goal. Our generous annual supporters number almost 800 and continue to send gifts of $100 to $500 at intervals within their comfort level. Every gift is important and goes to work, and together those gifts keep us moving toward THE GOAL.


An immediate gift can be made by using the Donate Button below, or by sending a check to: FLIP, PO Box 453, Lopez Island WA 98261. Please download and fill out this form: donation-form and include with your check.

A long-term pledge, automatic payments, or gifts of property and stock donations (via our TD Ameritrade account) can be made by contacting: info@lopezislandpool.org.

Thank you for your generous donations and continued support! 

Together we will FILL THE POOL!


Click the button below for a one time donation:

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Don’t have/don’t want a PayPal account? Simply click on one of the donate buttons above, then scroll down the page until you see the highlighted link ‘Continue’. Click there and you may enter your own credit card information.

Thanks for supporting a pool for Lopez!