Read All About It! Critical Time for Swim Center

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Happy Holidays to each of you! A BIG thank you to our wonderful supporters who have responded to our year end mailer with generous donations! Be sure to check out this week’s newspaper article in the Islands’ Weekly which outlines many of the problems our community currently faces…and the solutions that a community swim center will provide!

The article also outlines the superb progress made in 2017, only some of which is visible as you drive by Pool Lane! The FLIP Board, the Advisory Group, the project architects and general contractor continue to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the “GO” button can be hit, the moment our funding goals are reached!

To meet the goal of opening the swim center in summer of 2019, we must have funds in hand in early 2018 to pay some of our vendors before they will contract with us.

Please consider a gift at this critical time. When we all give meaningfully, we will continue to accomplish things other communities only dream about.

Thanks to you…Lopez will swim!

With deep appreciation from the Friends of Lopez Island Pool (FLIP)

Robin Bergstrom, President


Editing by Carolyn McGown