San Juan County – One of only Two Counties in WA without a Pool

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Bill LeDrew & Asha Lela (2nd & 3rd from right) ready to present to SJC Council members.


On January 23rd, FLIP’s Finance Lead, Bill LeDrew, and Government Lead, Asha Lela, made a presentation to the San Juan County Council. They explained to Council members, Jamie Stevens, Bill Watson and Rick Hughes, the importance of the County having a stake in the Swim Center in order for FLIP to receive further State funding. Senator Ranker is submitting a request for significant funding in the State supplemental budget this year. The State has declared that they will need to see San Juan County government invested in the Swim Center project before awarding significant capital.

Jamie Stephens emphasized that this is “one of the projects that is unusual in that the land and maintenance funds are already set aside, now just needing more funding for the capital.” There was a productive discussion regarding the possibilities for County investment in the swim center project. Rick Hughes shared some interesting options to consider.  Council members voted YES to proceed with finding a way to become invested in this capital project. Subsequent to the meeting, Bill Watson recommended that the Swim Center be written into the Economic Development Element of the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan. Jane Fuller, FLIP’s Fundraising Chair, is working with Victoria Compton to make this happen. In addition, this enables FLIP to put an application in to the Public Facilities Financing Assistance Program.

As you can see, the FLIP Board and volunteers are working hard behind the scenes for a Swim Center for all residents and visitors of San Juan County. Lots of work is happening at all levels.   Please join us in this effort by sending a donation today!

We see every child in San Juan county graduating from high school knowing how to swim.  We see every family enjoying the opportunity to grow strong together in spirit, mind and body.  We see every senior having local access to low-impact exercise and aqua therapy.  We see a healthy community with an improved quality of life!


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